Digital Services

UK Mail can bring businesses to life with a range of digital solutions including; hybrid mail, digital mail, digital print and scanning & archiving services.

Hybrid Mail can take the hassle away from producing and preparing letters. Mail will be printed and posted for you, using high end digital printers, so even mail with extremely tight turnaround times can be produced quickly and save you as much as 50% against your current mailing costs.

Use Hybrid Mail for both transactional and marketing applications, sending letters on demand or in bulk for a single unit cost. Combining physical with digital communications will help you reach your customers in the way they want to be contacted.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has tightened up the way that businesses are allowed to use their customer data and customers can now request to be forgotten. UK Mail manages data securely and safely allowing for the data to be managed securely via the digital mail portal.

UK Mail’s digital portal will help optimise inbound and outbound communications - should customers prefer electronic mail for statements, letters or invoices, UK Mail’s secure digital portal can handle the entire process.

Marketing with direct mail is a powerful way to enhance response rates. Direct Mail can be used to grow, nurture and trigger responses to help increase ROI on your marketing campaigns.

UK Mail’s digital services are:

  1. Hybrid Mail
  2. Scanning & Archiving
  3. Digital Mail
  4. Digital Print
  5. Agency Services