Our Official Charity Partner - DHL UK Foundation

Our Official Charity Partner - DHL UK Foundation

We support the DHL UK Foundation, a fantastic charity dedicated to helping children and young people to reach their full potential and grow into the best person they can be. To achieve this goal, the Foundation works in partnership with DHL businesses in the UK, likeminded charity partners and DHL employees nationwide.

Transform It!

people gathered on a purpose-built inland beach made of large rocks and small pebbles - transforming community projects with DHL

Through the DHL UK foundation, employees can apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to make a transformational change to a community project that helps disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

Match It!

a selection of company logos that have been supported by DHLs Match It! charity - BHF, Scouts, GOSH, Marie Curie, NSPCC and more

Our employees can apply to have their fundraising and volunteering efforts boosted for charities, schools and not for profit community organisations.

Trucks and Child Safety

a DHL branded truck - Trucks And Child Safety, a national safety training programme funded by DHL

You cannot put a price on a child's life. Trucks and Child Safety (TACS) is a national safety training programme funded by the DHL UK Foundation. It aims to help keep children safe around larger vehicles on the road, targeting children aged 7 to 11 years old as they begin to travel on their own.

The Outward Bound Trust

a group of young people on a hillside looking at a map as part of an Outward Bound experience

The DHL UK Foundation have worked in partnership with The Outward Bound Trust for over 10 years, donating more than £1,000,000 to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people, inspiring them to fulfil their potential through challenging outdoor experiences.

Helping Hands

several pairs of hands held aloft with a clear blue sky in the background

At some point in everyone's life, a bit of help is needed and it's good to have somewhere to turn to. Current employees of DHL UK, as well as retired employees of DHL Exel Supply Chain or those in receipt of an Exel or Ocean pension (and their dependents), who find themselves in need of a little assistance, can turn to the Helping Hands scheme.